Legacy Coaching

At the heart of Launching Legacies is individual and group coaching for clients of all ages and demographics. Through Legacy Coaching, clients are empowered to envision the legacy they want to live and leave. Our four-step process helps the client develop a plan to achieve this legacy, by implementing mindfulness practices, adopting a renewed, positive mindset, using positive psychology tools, and receiving the on-going mentorship needed to fulfill that legacy.

Clients' legacy goals are wide ranging and include intra-personal wellness, relationships, employment, education, finance, and business. Through Legacy Coaching, clients are able to attain their legacy goals and are provided a new  framework to utilize in their daily lives.

Legacy Coaching is offered as a fee for service, however scholarships may be available. 
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Social Connection To Wellness

Emotions influence our physical bodies, and how we understand them is a part of our health legacy. For those suffering from and wanting to prevent chronic illnesses, emotions play a significant role in how one manages and subsequently heals from disease.

The Social Connections to Wellness program works with low income serving community organizations to provide their populations interactive workshops where attendees can learn about the relationship between emotions, chronic disease, and pain. Participants are guided to think about and develop a deeper understanding of their health legacies by using positive psychology tools to achieve them.

Through our curriculum, workshop participants are able to make more informed decisions to support their emotional and physical health.

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Legacy Integration

In addition to individuals and groups, organizations can benefit from Legacy Coaching to better serve their employees and communities.

Our Legacy Integration program allows existing organizations (corporations, non-profits, churches, social service organizations) to learn about Legacy Coaching and how the 4-step legacy process can be incorporated into their programs. Finally, working closely with the organization, we develop an implementation plan.

Legacy Integration can vary from working with individual-focused programs to large group programs. Depending on your needs, we can devise a solution ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. To learn more, please contact us.

Current and Past Partners

Launching Legacies is proud to work with the following organizations.