What Legacy Do you Want to Leave?

Take ownership of your legacy

The things we do, the lives we touch, the ideas and organizations we create… these things matter, and their impact endures.

No matter where we come from, no matter our circumstances, or the obstacles we’ve overcome, we all have the opportunity to take control of our lives, and build a legacy we can be proud of.

"I have been living in a crisis life for over 35 years and I am exhausted. Ericka and Launching Legacies has taught me how to give myself permission to renovate my life. Because of Ericka, I am living my legacy while leaving my legacy of possibilities for my family and others."

- N

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breaking Free

While everyone can benefit from our coaching, we’re passionate about helping our most vulnerable community members break free from cycles of poverty and incarceration that affect families for generations. 

We specialize in working with the urban poor, sex workers, homeless, and incarcerated, helping them live a life worthy of the legacies they want to leave.

Our Method

Using the science of positive psychology, Launching Legacies helps individuals, families, and organizations transcend their pasts, and create new futures for themselves they never thought possible. 

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Our Programs

Launching Legacies offers a variety of cutting-edge programs, and can tailor experiences specific to your needs, or to the needs of the populations you support. 

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My husband and I worked with Ericka of Launching Legacies to help us overcome  communication challenges with our children. She equipped us with practical strategies to achieve better outcomes and her work has had a lasting impact on our family dynamics.

- J

Wellness for all

We specialize in educating the medically underserved about the social and emotional implications on their body enabling them to make informed decisions to support their emotional and physical health.

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What we do begins with you

Your contributions help us provide access to tools and mentorship that help underserved individuals and families overcome life's obstacles.